Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Download and Install

Download and install Phone Image Carver using the download button on this website.

Step 2: Select the Image to Search

Run Phone Image Carver. Click the "Add Image" button, browse and select the image file to be searched.

Step 3: Select File Types

Select the file types to search for. Start the search.

Step 4: Preview Search Results

Preview the files found in the search results screen. If a preview is not available, right click for HEX view.

Cell Phone Image Carver

Step 5: Saving Files

The program must be activated to save files. Purchase an activation key from this website. In the text menu at the top of the program, select "Help > Activate Product".

Select files to be saved by placing a tick in the box next to the file name. Hold SHIFT or CTRL to select groups and press space bar to turn ticks on (or off). When required files are selected, press the SAVE FILES button (or use the drop down arrow to save to CD or DVD). Select the location to save the files and the saving process will commence.

Review the saved files to ensure that they are vaild.